In December 2020, the Board of Directors of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) selected Sierra Leone for Compact development after the country passed the MCC Scorecard for two consecutive years (2019 and 2020). The Government of Sierra Leone immediately established a Compact Development Core Team under the Office of the Vice President and this team has been working in collaboration with MCC on the Compact Development Process (CDP)..

The Compact Process

Phase 1: Constraint Analysis

Sierra Leone would be expected to identify the binding constraints to private investment and economic development. The Constraint Analysis (CA) is led by an Economist and core team and an analytical team from relevant MDAs. It is critical that this analysis is validated by Government and other local stakeholders. It would also need concurrence from MCC before proceeding to the next stage.

Phase 2: Root Cause Analysis

An analysis of the underlying factors that lead to the constraints. It seeks to establish a cause-and-effect chain. This process will largely be conducted through workshops with GOSL, Civil Society, Development Partners and Private sector stakeholders to identify “what causes the problem?”

Phase 3: Project Definition: Concept Notes

The Compact Development Team will be required to draft concept notes that provide a general framework for resolving the problems that have been identified. This the first stage in defining the compact program for implementation and will be an iterative dialogue process between the Government of Sierra Leone and MCC.

Phase 4: Project Development & Economic and Beneficiary Analysis

On agreement on the project concept notes, Sierra Leone will be required to develop the project proposal for the most viable projects. These project proposals should convey how MCC’s investment criteria are being met. MCC will take at most two months to review the project proposal and will recommend the best options for full feasibility studies.

The Compact Development process is expected to be inclusive, transparent and participatory, to this end, Government entreats citizens to robustly engage in the process and contribute to national development. You can do this by sending your message to the WhatsApp number +232-79-523877, twitter at MCCU-SL or to send through our website,click here