The Water Sector Reform Project (WSRP) of the Sierra Leone Threshold Programme aims to support Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) reform efforts to: :

  • 1.Improve Water SectorCcoordination,
  • 2.Improve commercial practices, operational independence, and planning capacity at the Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC), and,
  • 3.Enhance Transparency, Accountability, and customer service practices and quality through improved community, consumer, and customer engagement, behavior change communication (BCC) and social marketing (SM), and establishment and utilization of new accountability mechanisms. Importantly, the project will pilot an innovative approach for the provision of, and payment for, water services at public standpipes.

Project Update - August 2019

Activity Status
Urban Water Coordination and Road mapping WASH policy roadmap developed and approved by both Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) and Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MHS). This was followed by an official launch of the roadmap and subsequent policy review activities are ongoing
System wide mapping, Conditions Assessment of GVWC distribution system, Customer Mapping and Hydraulic Modelling of the GVWC water system The first phase of the condition assessment (GVWC water distribution system), and systemwide mapping and hydraulic modeling completed with final deliverable submitted and was approved in June 2019
Conditions Assessment of Guma Dam, Transmission and Reservior System and Assessment of Treatment Processes at GVWTP This Contract was signed in May 2019 and the Consultant has produced draft Inception Report and Health and Safety Plan which are under review.
GVWC utility management technical assistance, including cost of service analysis, tariff setting, capacity building, etc -   Supported the development of Non-revenue water, Business and Investment, and environmental management plans for GVWC
-   Also completed are the Operation and maintenance gap analysis, strategy and action plan for 2019
-   GVWC’s operation and management capacity is being strengthened through study tours, twining programmes and trainings
District Metering Area (DMA) and Water Kiosk Demonstration -   Selection and technical design of two DMAs (Aberdeen and Kingtom) completed
-   Persons and institutions have been identified for relocation and discussions. Negotiations are in progress
-   Procurement for the installation of 11 kiosks, rehabilitation of pipelines and installation of control and metering equipment is in progress